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They call me Joe

The final book in the Urban Guardians series, Urban Guardians 4 has been written. However it is the story of Joe, who appears in all the other Urban Guardians books. He is the older enigmatic Guardian who guides and mentors the other, younger Guardians in the series. He has been very reticent to give any details about his past.

However, it is such a huge story it needs two books to tell the tale and so I have decided to make it a two book series that can stand on its own. The first book in the series, Savage Betrayal,  is the exciting adventure set in primitive Europe telling the tale of how Joe ended up in the Demon Kingdom doing penance for something that went horribly wrong.

The second book is the equally enthralling adventure of how Joe finds purpose, final redemption, and also his destined mate.

As of February 2017, I am writing book 2 of this series. Publication of book 1 will be around  mid September and Book 2 will be published around October/November.



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