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I live in Australia at present, the country where I was born. When I was very young I played with imaginary fairies in the back yard.

When I was a  little older, I often roughed it with my grandmother in a riverside shack, catching fish, yabbies and rabbits in order to survive and reading her forbidden paperbacks by candle-light, when she was asleep. She taught me valuable life lessons and provided me with endless exciting experiences. I inherited her love of life and sense of adventure.

Later I wanted to become an astronaut. That didn’t seem a practical option to my parents who packed me off to a good school which prepared me for a boring office career, which didn’t suit me at all..


Eventually my sense of adventure won out. I travelled extensively, living and working in several different countries and dabbling in many different careers, including secretary, artist, writer, stockbroker, cleaner, salesperson, teacher, personal carer, tarot card reader and telephone psychic, not necessarily in that order  and probably some I’ve forgotten.  It was exciting, a lot of fun, sometimes difficult, even dangerous, but never boring. Best of all, that life prepared me to write fiction, which is now my passion.

Along the way I had three wonderful sons and three interesting, if challenging,  husbands.

My sons live nearby and I see them often. They are wonderful people. Two of them are computer experts and one is also a writer who is currently writing a great series about a zombie apocalypse. I currently share my home with a black cat called Max who often keep me company as I write.

I spend my days writing, my head full of thrilling stories of wonderful sexy paranormal beings and humans who are well, wonderfully human.  My stories feature an electrifying combination of angels, demons, and other paranormal beings, hybrids and humans, all struggling to win in life or death situations, their fates often hanging in the balance.

My heroes are all male alpha beings who love women.

My heroines are strong women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it.

I invite you to read my thrilling, paranormal urban fantasy stories. Kick back, relax and lose your soul, that is, yourself, in one of my exhilarating adventures.


I look forward to connecting with you.  Leave a comment below if you like, and don’t forget to get your free book.

You can also contact me at anniantoni at  or on my facebook page me



For those of you who want to know what I really look like, here’s a small photo, just to show you I’m a real person..

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