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Esau the unlikely hero

Born of an Angel and a Demon-possessed immortal human, Esau was abandoned as a baby and left to die,  on the edge of the Underworld.   But he survived…

All he’s  ever known is evil, cruelty and treachery, and he develops a burning ambition to become King of the Underworld.

If you love to read about bad boys, you’ll love Esau because when he unexpectedly finds he is cursed with a soft heart and feels the first stirrings of love, he discovers what it truly means to be a hero…

What people are saying about Esau Demon Prince  —

“This is a book I would recommend as well as read over and over again.” “The main character felt so real to me, I fell in love with him almost immediately.” “If you want a fantasy with a bad boy who has a softer side, then this is the book for you. Definitely a 5* read !” “I am so enthralled by Esau that I am dying to read the next book about him, Esau My Demon King.”