Savage Betrayal Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Joe Introduces Himself

My name is Joshaviah Falcon, but call me Joe. Everyone does these days. I’m a Guardian, descended from ancient Warrior Angels. We Guardians are real you know, not just the stuff of myths and legends.

When I was newly created, things were different. These days Guardians are trained and mentored on Earth for many years. They learn about humans, the human world and how to blend into human society in a way that benefits people. Guardians are even taught how to build businesses and employ people

 More importantly, they are taught how to deal with the intense pull of Guardian energy and how to recognize a life mate. Everything is organized and regulated in their early years, perhaps a little too much.

When I was cast upon Earth, I had none of those advantages. I possessed time appropriate clothes, a simple coarse wool tunic, leggings, cape and soft leather boots — nothing more. No companions, few instructions, nothing to make the transition easy, and no way out.

The privilege of living on Earth was granted to me as a special favor. Something my ancestors had arranged, I was informed, but I was given no choice and the conditions under which the favor was granted felt more like a punishment.

Still, the adventure excited me, and the longing for freedom to live on Earth like a human burned in my soul.

The presence in Joe’s mind felt more relaxed now. It settled into an easy watchfulness and appeared to be enjoying the story. Joe shook his head. This felt bizarre, even to him.

Although he had lived for centuries there was always more to learn, still more abilities to master, and more adventures to experience. If only he wasn’t so tired of living. That was the trouble with immortality, it marched on relentlessly, regardless.

He had lost count of the times he would have welcomed death, but no, he must go on living. Death would have been too easy. To go on living had been a cruel punishment, one he fully deserved.

I’m sorry, Joe addressed the presence. I’m allowing myself to be distracted by my own thoughts. Back to my story… He stretched out on the grass, focused on the presence in his mind, and folded his arms under his head. This would be a long night.


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