Savage Redemption published.

The last month of 2017 saw the publication of the second part of Joe’s journey. Called ‘Savage Redemption,’ it covers the dramatic events in his life in modern times.  The blurb, published on Amazon, says it all.

The second chance he bled for comes with the last thing he ever wanted.

After centuries of atonement for a Guardian assignment gone horribly wrong, Joe Falcon has his powers back, and a second chance. Except those powers tell him there’s something different about his charge, a feisty, black-haired beauty with an innocent smile, womanly curves, and a wicked right hook.


Kat Spur loved her grandmother’s stories about the Guardians—when she was eight. Now, weary from years on the run, she’s convinced those stories were just fairy tales. Until someone murders Gran, and a towering stranger in black leather sacrifices his muscular body to save Kat’s life. Twice.


Amid a hail of bullets, Joe sweeps Kat away to safety among his Guardian brothers, where three unexpected discoveries tilt their world on its axis. A secret Kat never knew she carries in her DNA. A mating bond that flares to life from embers Joe thought long dead.


And the agonizing realization that whoever’s targeting Kat is hiding in plain sight. A traitor lurking at the heart of the Guardians themselves. Which means there is no sanctuary. Not on earth. Not in heaven. Not even in hell…


It was an emotionally charged and dramatic story to tell and left me feeling exhausted, although happy to have been able to express the story in a manner that would have made both main characters, Joe and Kat satisfied that their full stories had been told. As an intuitive writer, who gets wrapped up in her stories and characters, I felt the need to take a short break after writing ‘Savage Redemption’, to recharge my batteries.

I’m pleased to report my batteries are recharged and I have more exciting stories brewing…




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